Socialization & Creating a Community

iUniversity Prep believes that an excellent academic experience is non-negotiable, but we also believe that there is more to school than just academics.  Building relationships with your fellow classmates and their families is also an important piece of the schooling experience and important for life skills.

We encourage our families to become a proactive learning community where students are provided opportunities to:

• Interact with teachers and classmates in real-time, through online classes and face-to-face 

• Receive one-on-one support from exemplary teachers by way of the telephone, tutorial sessions and small group sessions

• Initiate clubs and activities within the school population and collaborate with fellow clubs within our school district

• Meet classmates face-to-face at field trips or social events.

In addition to social activities offered within our school community, many of our students are busy with local, state and national activities. The flexibility of iUniversity Prep allows our students to take advantage of more extracurricular activities—often activities that the schedule of a traditional school would not accommodate. For students who are elite gymnasts, actors, minor league hockey players or involved in other Olympic level sport, this is the right place for you, so that you can still earn an exemplary education while continuing to excel in other areas.

Creating Flexibility for

Extracurricular Activities