Parent Involvement

In any educational setting, parent involvement is a difference maker in student success.  At iUniversity Prep it is our expectation and requirement that parents are involved in the education process and daily routines and lessons.  We know that when parents provide a culture of support students will have:

• Improved grades
• Higher test scores
• Increased graduation rates
• Greater enrollment and success in post-secondary education

Parents serve as the face to face learning coach responsible to guide and support their student’s day to day activities, schedules and homework.

Local Community Coordinators

Parents are encouraged to get involved and serve as local community coordinators.   These individuals will work with teachers to support and create special events, projects, and field trips throughout the school year.

As students become more independent and enter middle school and high school, the learning coach will spend a little less time in the hour to hour supervision, guidance and oversight of their student.


At iUniversity Prep we are focused on student achievement and accountability.  Parent involvement is integral to student success.  We expect that a parent or learning coach is available at home with the student.  On site supervision is expected for optimal success.

As part of the enrollment process, parents sign that they acknowledge the responsibility of creating an optimal learning environment.

What is the Role of a

Learning Coach