Owl Administration

Desiree Weiche, Principal

Desiree Weiche, M.Ed.

Favorite Team: My favorite team is the iUniversity Prep Staff Team. We are truly amazing!
Favorite Game: Mario Brothers and Kirby
Hero: My husband - he loves and serves other in all he does

Melissa Baker, Dean of Students 5-8

Melissa Baker, M.Ed.

Dean of Students (Grades 5-8)
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Favorite Book/Genre: I love anything by Dr. Brene Brown
Favorite Place: My heart is in the mountains!
Favorite Team/Sport: I love ALL sports! But really enjoying cheering on the Rangers and the Cowboys!

Kira Dehnel

Kira Dehnel, M.Ed.

Dean of Academics
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Favorite Music: Basically any musical soundtrack.
Favorite Place: The top of Mt. Vesuvius
Hero: My mom! She's the greatest, and she gave me the strength I have.

Jessica Lee, Dean of Students 9-12

Jessica Lee, M.Ed.

Dean of Students (9-12)
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Favorite Book/Genre:  Crime mysteries
Favorite Video Game: Super Mario Bros.
Favorite Place:  Disney


Shannon Miller

Shannon Siminski, M.Ed.

Guidance and Counseling
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Favorite Author:  Nicholas Sparks
Hero: My mom
Favorite Place:  the beach

Jessica Alaniz

Jessica Alaniz M.A., LPC

Guidance and Counseling
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Favorite Movie:  A League of Their Own. I enjoy the awareness and history it brings. I also grew up playing softball competitively so there was an instant connection there :)
Favorite Band/Artist: Lauren Daigle
Favorite Place:  My favorite place to be is on a beach. I love to visit different beaches. It is very calming to me.

Barbara Wilks

Barbara Wilks, M.A.

Guidance and Counseling
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Favorite Show: Friends
Favorite Team: All things Oklahoma State University
Favorite Place:  Sitting on a boat at the lake

Leadership Team

John Bowman

John Bowman

Instructional Design Learning Leader
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Favorite Band:  Dire Straits
Favorite Place: Boulder, CO
Favorite Sport: Baseball

Lucas Burch

Lucas Burch

Social Studies/CTE Learning Leader
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Favorite Book: I don't have one favorite but a recent book I really enjoyed was Scars and Stripes by former American special forces soldier, Tim Kennedy. It was a wild ride of a true-story book and I really enjoyed it.
Favorite Place: British Columbia, Canada is one of my favorite places. It's nature at its finest.
Favorite Sport: My favorite sport is beach volleyball. I played for many, many years and loved everything about it. It's a fun and challenging, underrated sport.

Neely Carter

Neely Carter

Community Engagement Specialist
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Favorite Book:  I love the Jack Reacher books by Lee Child
Favorite Video Game: Mario Kart
Favorite Band/Artist: Olivia Rodrigo

Nikki Harbison

Nicole Harbison, M.A.

ELA/LOTE Learning Leader
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Favorite Author:  Robert Frost
Favorite Show: Gilmore Girls
Favorite Place: Outdoors in the mountains with trees

Lindsay Hoerig Cavanagh, M.Ed.

Lindsay Hoerig Cavanagh, M.Ed.

Favorite Game: I dabble in a bit of everything, but City Skylines is my all time favorite!
Favorite Artist: Taylor Swift (Yes, I’m a Swiftie)
Favorite Team/Sport: I love all sports, but particularly the Chicago Cubs.

Cheri Palmer

Cheri Palmer, M.A.

Science/Fine Arts Learning Leader
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Favorite Book: The Harry Potter series in its entirety
Favorite Game: The original Super Mario Brothers 1, 2 and 3!
Favorite Movie: Top Gun and now Top Gun 2!

Daniel Wennersten

Daniel Wennersten

Math Learning Leader
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Favorite Author: C.S. Lewis
Favorite Place: The Green Mountains of Vermont
Favorite Movie: Star Wars (in general)