The iUniversity Prep teachers work directly with both the student and Learning Coach to develop the student’s Personal Learning Plan, provide exemplary instruction, and evaluate assignments.   Primarily, the course instruction and administration is conducted through the Internet, by telephone, and by e-mail.  Our teachers provide both online and face-to-face instruction for our students in order to ensure necessary support, academic success and accountability.

Customized Instruction

How Does Our School Work?

Learning Resources

Upon enrollment, any student resources provided by the school are shipped to the student.  These resources could include any of the following:  digital or print textbooks, lesson plans, workbooks or lab supplies.

Our free online public school program helps each student maximize his or her learning potential through a combination of:

• Experienced, engaging and student-centered professional staff
• High expectations and accountability for students and staff
• Strong parental involvement
• Flexible learning environment
• Robust course offerings
• A choice school offered by a nationally acclaimed school district


Students in iUniversity Prep learn outside of the traditional classroom, but will be offered face-to-face class sessions or tutorials based on need and test preparation. Students enrolled at iUniversity Prep typically learn and complete their academic coursework at home, libraries or sometimes on the road.

Our Program

iUniversity Prep is a rapidly growing choice public school offered state-wide by Grapevine-Colleyville ISD. Students are offered an innovative and rigorous school program free from the four walls of a school facility.

The Learning Coach is the parent or adult that will be assisting the student in the day to day activities of school.  This person ensures that the student has the necessary tools, space and equipment to access school daily.  This person also supports the student by making sure the student is completing assignments on time and ensuring that they are communicating effectively with the teachers and attending all classes.  Please review the Learning Coach Program Expectations


What is the Role of a Learning Coach?

Eligible students would meet the following criteria:


  • Academic success demonstrated on final report card or transcript

  • On grade level

  • Passed previous STAAR exams

  • Student in good standing with attendance & discipline

  • Provide all required documents for enrollment

  • Active participant in the enrollment conference

  • Possess all required materials, computer and software to actively engage in online learning

iUPrep is a Magnet School

All iUniversity Prep teachers are Grapevine-Colleyville ISD teachers dedicated solely to our virtual campus.  All staff are highly qualified, certified and virtual certified.  All staff are highly gifted in their content of certification and teach students both synchronously and asynchronously.  iUniversity Prep staff and teachers create a strong culture of communication and relationships with families to support all students in their academic successes.


Faculty and Instruction


P: 817-305-4895

Toll Free: 855-779-7357

F: 888-342-4927

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P: 817-305-4895

Toll Free: 855-779-7357

F: 888-342-4927