State Standards & Testing

Ongoing Accountability

iUniversity Prep is a choice school of Grapevine-Colleyville ISD and is a Texas public school that adheres to the same accountability measures and administers the same state assessments required by all other Texas public schools.

iUniversity Prep courses and lessons align to the State of Texas curriculum to ensure that each student will be successful on the State of Texas Assessment of  Academic Readiness (STAAR) test. 

As a team, the teachers, learning coaches and students, will work collaboratively to provide additional tutorials, materials and teaching sessions for students in order to fill any gaps needed in order to be successful on the STAAR exam.  It is the expectation at iUniversity Prep that our students will outperform on the STAAR and therefore earn the school a top ranking in accountability. 


Students are required to take the STAAR tests in person on the dates set by the school according to the Texas Education Agency testing calendar.

Ongoing Curriculum Assessments

Throughout the program and live classes, students engage in many different types of evaluations, both formal and informal.  Some of these evaluations include:

• Quizzes: Brief and frequent online assessments that provide automatic feedback for teachers and families.


• Unit Tests: Substantial end-of-unit assessments that provide more comprehensive information about a student's attainment of the instructed material.


• Portfolio Items: Offline student assignments including written compositions, lab reports, short-answer paragraphs, essays, and book responses.


• Posted Responses: In some grades, students participate in class discussions to post thoughts, ideas, and reactions in a designated, teacher-monitored discussion board.


• Checks for Understanding: Higher-level, summary questions evaluated by Teacher or Learning Coach that check for student comprehension of a topic.


• Daily Student Work: Learning Coaches monitor and correct student work on a daily basis.  Teachers will review submitted work samples for comprehension.


• Face-to-Face Evaluation:  Students may be required to take oral quizzes or answer discussion topics by phone or in person to ensure complete comprehension of the subject area.

Daily Accountability &


iUniversity Prep will use a variety of tools and techniques to track and evaluate each student’s performance.  These may involve online and face-to-face assessments, teacher and family interviews along with consistent follow-ups and evaluations throughout the school year.

Ongoing Feedback

iUniversity Prep provides ongoing feedback along with detailed reports on student progress.  A parent may log into the management system any time and review their student’s progress.  The parent may see current and old quizzes or tests to review online.

iUniversity Prep teachers meet regularly with students to continue to build relationships, engage them in the learning process and support them in their academic needs.