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A Solution for Athletes Struggling to Balance Training & School
Youth Sports vs. Professional Sports


What is the definition of a “professional” athlete? What is the definition of a “student” athlete/ “amateur” athlete? Today it seems that both terms are evolving and are quite broad in the interpretations they receive. Many students need to train more and find themselves limited athletically by the attendance mandates of their traditional school. iUniversity Prep online school is the solution for student athletes who need flexibility in their schedules to train.



iUniversity Prep understands the dedication, discipline, and single-minded focus required from High School and Jr. athletes who dream of “making it” in their chosen activities. We have become quite accustomed to teenagers training exactly as the professional athletes and have found a way to aid them in their pursuits without forfeiting their education. iUniversity Prep is excited by our students’ extra curricular achievements and desires to help students pursue “success” in every realm of life. We understand, as fact, that in order to become an ‘ELITE’ gymnast you must train 30+ hours per week while still attending middle school and high school. This is not crazy talk; this is simple reality.



As soccer continues to develop in the United States and the MLS observes exponential growth, more and more high school students are being drawn into fulltime development academies. Competitive dancers and ballerinas looking to join dance companies after high school find themselves having to train and compete 30+ hours per week. This requires that teenagers have multiple training sessions per day and are unable to attend regular brick-and-mortar school. Every day more athletes in more sports are finding themselves needing to train more and not be limited by having to “go to school” from 7am-4pm. 


TEA Accredited College Prep & NCAA Approved


iUniversity Prep is the answer. We offer TEA (Texas Education Agency) college prep and NCAA approved education for all Texas residents through our online courses and curriculum. We desire to be part of the solution for Texas families who have talented and ambitious children desiring to become ELITE in their specific activity or sport. 


iUniversity Staff &  Structure


At iUniversity Prep our staff is ready to help students at whatever time is BEST for the student. If this means that you have 9pm tutoring sessions, wonderful! We are not necessarily concerned with ‘when’ and ‘where’ are students find success, but rather we are entirely interested that SUCCESS if achieved. All Live Lessons and Classes are recorded and our student athletes who are busy training during the day can watch recordings and do course work in the evening or at their convenience.


iUniversity Prep has found a way to help young elite athletes be successful in both academics and in their activity of choice. We are a free tuition public school offering grades 6-12 and we understand the struggles that families face today. We have wonderfully dedicated teachers who are able to be flexible with their time to give students the exact instruction for each individual. iUniversity Prep desires to help as many families as possible find balance in the schedules without sacrificing high quality education.