What is Individualized Learning?

At iUniversity Prep, we believe that students and families have a choice in their education.  We also believe that students deserve to have an individualized learning program that will support their needs and maximize his or her potential.  Our individualized process is the foundational road map for success now, in college and beyond.

iUniversity Prep’s Continuous Process to Success:

The philosophy at iUniversity Prep is an ongoing process of maintaining an individual learning experience for each student.  As a team, the student, teachers and learning coach meet throughout the year to review the student’s progress and adjust the student’s personal learning plan to meet the student’s needs and goals.  To address the student’s goals the following steps and process are addressed as required to maintain a personal learning plan:


• Students are placed in courses – Beginning at enrollment, courses are assigned to students based on the student’s learning needs and requirements by the state.


• Ongoing communication – From the start of enrollment, teachers and learning coaches create a schedule of communication that is needed and desired to meet the personal learning plan.  Generally this would be every two weeks, but this could vary based on the student’s need.


• As a team, teachers, learning coaches and students discuss and determine the student’s strengths, previous state assessments, school performance and learning styles.  This data allows the team to create the best personal learning plan and teaching approach.


• In middle school, the students take performance tests to identify their strengths and needs to measure the student’s growth throughout the year.


• For the personal learning plan, the teacher, learning coach and student set goals together for the student.


• As the year starts and students adjust into the school year, adjustments to the personal learning plan may be addressed to ensure the students’ needs are met.