In order to promote student success within the flexibility offered by online learning:

Students will …

• contact the teacher as the first point of contact for all issues regarding their online courses.
• communicate with the teacher any questions about course content, grades, assignments, etc.
• communicate with the teacher if they fall behind or are having difficulty with the course.
• respond to teacher communications by phone or email within 24-48 hours.
• check email daily as this is the main method of communication.
• communicate with iUniversity Prep office staff if email or phone number changes.
• notify instructor and/or technical support immediately of any technical difficulties.
• save emails and assignments for the entire term.
• utilize appropriate online communications with teachers and other students. Online bullying, harassment, and/or creating content as another person will be subject to appropriate consequences.

Parents/Learning Coaches will…

• make certain that the student has necessary access to technology to ensure fluid communication.
• notify iUniversity Prep immediately of any special needs, extenuating circumstances, or technical difficulties.
• respond to communications by phone or email within 24-48 hours.
• ensure that the student is completing assignments and participating fully in all courses.
• notify the teacher if the student is unable to complete assignments due to unforeseen circumstances and work collaboratively with the teacher to help the student stay on track in all courses.
• study and discuss progress reports and report cards with the student and contact the teacher to work together on any issues.
• stay informed by reading emails, letters and other correspondence from iUniversity Prep.


Teachers will …

• plan, design and incorporate strategies to encourage active learning during classes, open office hours, and tutorial sessions.
• engage students using a variety of methods throughout the course.
• provide a timeline to help students manage their coursework.
• provide timely feedback to assignments (within 1-2 days).
• respond to student inquiries within 24 hours.
• monitor closely student progress through the course to ensure course completion.
• contact students if they are inactive for 3-5 days and work to resolve issues to get students engaged and working.
• contact the learning coach to proactively solve problems.
• create an effective online syllabus according to iUniversity Prep standards.
• have teacher contact information clearly stated and online office hours posted on the syllabus and in the Learning Management System - LMS.
• have course standards, course expectations and assignments posted on the syllabus and in the LMS.
• commit to working with students until all students successfully complete the course and develop intervention plans for struggling students.
• continually contact students and work diligently to provide support to struggling students to ensure success in the course.
• facilitate collaborative virtual learning sessions with all students, either individually and/or in small or large groups.
• model legal, ethical, and safe online behavior.

The Administrative Team will…​​​

• respond to parent and student inquiries within 24 hours.
• maintain an “open door” office policy welcoming communication and feedback from all students and parents/learning coaches.
• work collaboratively with teachers, students, parents/learning coaches to solve any student issues.
• analyze progress of all students in order to communicate to teachers and learning coaches the most appropriate support needed to help struggling students.
• analyze data and reports to ensure students are reaching academic target goals and communicate to parents/learning coaches, students and teachers effective strategies to reach these goals.
• provide opportunities for students to discuss post-secondary goals and create a plan to reach those goals.
• coordinate with teachers, parents, learning coaches and parent coordinators to arrange for a variety of school/program activities sponsored in their geographical area in order to help develop a stronger education community.
• collaborate with teachers, students and learning coaches to develop individualized learning plans to meet each student’s goals and needs.
• model for teachers, parents and students effective communication skills in order to provide encouragement and support in all areas of student learning and achievement.
• create a strong learning community and reflect on progress goals needed in order to help students reach the highest academic standards possible.

Guiding Principles

• Instruction will meet state and district standards for academic excellence.

• Certified Texas educators will provide synchronous and asynchronous instructional support.

• Student-to-student and student-to-teacher interaction will employ a variety of learning technologies.

• Students will be given the support necessary to complete courses successfully.

• Flexibility in student time commitments will be maximized.

iUniversity Prep proactively has developed a set of expectations concerning communication between staff,  parents, and students.  This document serves as a strategy to meet this need.  iUniversity Prep’s mission is to “lead students into a growing love of learning through innovation and excellence.” An active, efficient, and effective communication network will positively affect student learning.

Communication Expectations for Students, Parents, Teachers, and Staff