Characteristics of an iUniversity Prep Teacher:

At iUniversity Prep, we believe that our teachers are a vital part of the virtual classroom.  It is our teachers that are the difference makers by caring about each student individually, offering each student an engaging, and innovative, collaborative, relevant and challenging learning experience.


We believe that teachers are not only leaders, but they should be challenged by their students to become inspired learners.  Our teachers understand the importance of building relationships and providing a classroom and school culture, where ideas and the excitement of learning are not hindered by four walls or a ceiling.

iUniversity Teachers are Committed and Caring:
Our iUniversity teachers are dedicated educators who are eager to work in a school where they can focus on what they do best – cultivating a love of learning.  Our teachers understand that it is often when they veer off the lesson plan, follow their students lead, and learn with their students, that these are the times they have taught their students to think, collaborate and find the relevance of their studies, therefore inspiring them to be successful learners now and the future.


iUniversity Teachers are Qualified, Experienced and Collaborative:
All our teachers are highly qualified and Texas certified full-time professionals.  Our teachers are also highly trained in online learning and understand the importance of communication and collaboration in the unique setting of the virtual classroom.  Our teachers spend significant time:

• Collaborating daily with their fellow teachers and creating cross curricular projects and activities to bring real-world relevance to the virtual classroom
• Communicating and supporting students and the Learning Coaches
• Evaluating each student’s performance, needs and interests
• Assessing each lesson and to ensure student engagement
• Re-evaluating  student personal learning plans to challenge and foster student engagement and learning potential

Ongoing Professional

Development and Instructor Support:

At iUniversity Prep we believe that it is never acceptable to stop learning or slow down at pushing ourselves to be more innovative, engaging or collaborative. Our professional learning community in the virtual setting is dedicated to the school's vision and beliefs.


iUniversity Prep teachers meet weekly in-person for ongoing professional development, collaboration on innovative lessons and project creation. As a team, teachers also actively engage in a weekly learning and critiquing process where each is supported in being an ongoing learner with the goal of being an exceptionally innovative and progressive classroom leader.