Characteristics of an iUniversity Prep Student:

At iUniversity Prep, we believe that students don’t have to sacrifice a quality education in order to pursue their individual interests and talents. They can, and do, have it all with a program that embraces life beyond the classroom. Whether students are pursuing athletic or creative talents, academic advancement or addressing personal challenges, iUniversity Prep’s personalized and flexible learning approach empowers students to reach their personal best—in the classroom and beyond.

The courses offered at iUniversity Prep provide students both flexible pace  and structured learning, and include core lessons, as well as supplementary practice modules. Our instruction combines individual study with interactive group sessions. Additionally, we provide exceptional online resources and our teachers provide innovative lessons that make the online courses come alive and relevant. 

People learn in different ways and at different rates. Some students enjoy listening to lectures; others enjoy working in small groups. Students who are visual learners tend to do best in online courses. Online learning offers flexibility and individualized instruction. However, it may not be the right mode of learning for you. Online learning is ideal for:


• Students who are self-motivated.
• Students who are self-directed learners.
• Students who are good readers.
• Students who do not procrastinate.
• Students who prefer an individualized mode of learning.
• Students who do not need the stimulation of a traditional class.
• Students who are excited about and fairly comfortable with technology.

Students with disabilities (504 or IEP) will be able to enroll if they only need accommodations or limited speech therapy that can be effectively delivered via Adobe Connect. Students in iUniversity Prep will not be able to receive services for ESL, dyslexia, gifted and talented and special education instruction.