iUniversity Prep student attendance is required. Documented participation is required in order to maintain a student's enrolled status. 

In order to document online school attendance, students and Learning Coaches are expected to:

• Maintain regular contact via phone, WebMail messages, or meetings with teachers (at least every two weeks)
• Successfully complete all online and offline assessments within the minimum calendar timeline
• Attend live lessons

Students who are not meeting the above criteria may face truancy charges.


To maintain good standing with regards to attendance, students must be on pace and passing each class. The iUniversity Prep work week begins Monday morning and ends Sunday night. All assigned work must be completed by Sunday night each week. If a student is unable to complete their work, parents or learning coaches should notify the teacher or the office staff.


Attendance logs maintained by a parent or learning coach is for informational purposes only and not a part of a student's permanent record.