What is the Role of Community Coordinators?

iPTSA & Community Coordinators

iUniversity Prep encourages students and families to meet face-to-face.  We encourage events such as study sessions, social and academic trips. These are great opportunities to develop social relationships while extending the learning and real-life relevance extensions to classroom learning.


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iUniversity Prep will designate parents or teachers to serve as community coordinators.  Parents who wish to be considered must complete the district volunteer forms and receive district approval prior to organizing official events.  The community coordinator would organize events in collaboration with the teachers and could involve local events or trips and publicize those to families in the school.


Local Community Coordinators

Parents are encouraged to get involved and serve as local community coordinators.   These individuals will work with teachers to support and create special events, projects, and field trips throughout the school year.

Events that may be planned are generally focused on extensions of the classroom, but are also social events.  Examples of events that could be planned throughout the year are visits to museums, botanic gardens, planetariums, meet legislative officials, area labs and many more.

What Kind of Events

are Planned?

Socialization is important for students and iUniversity Prep offers a range of clubs and programs both national and local.  These opportunities provide socialization points for students and families throughout the year to provide a greater sense of school community.

School Community and Clubs